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Become A Successful Real Estate Agent!

As the real estate market continues to grow and expand, there’s no better time than now to develop or enter the real estate industry! Are you looking to start or regenerate your real estate career?
Welcome to Sir Realty, where innovative tools and quality servicestands us out from other full service real estate agencies! With more than 20 years of real estate experience, we pride ourselves on core values such as performance, vision, professionalism, integrity, and leadership.

Perfect For You – No Matter Your Experience

Whether you have an established real estate career, or are new to the industry, we are serious about helping you succeed. You only need to have qualities such as excellent communications skills, good time management, organization, and technology & computer resourcefulness – qualities that are necessary for your success. We will provide motivational training for the beginner to seasoned Agent and will help you regenerate or establish your business.

We offer what no other broker does!

Most agents do not get the proper support from their broker and are lost when it comes to Real Estate laws, procedure and preparing contracts. Providing the proper guidance and legal advice by our “on-retainer” real estate attorney will give you the advantage you need to be successful. Our attorney will advise and review your contracts so you can feel confident about all your transactions.

Dedicated To Your Success

We aim to provide the best working environment for our real estate agents to thrive and grow. Some of our offerings include;

  • Training.
  • High Commission Splits
  • In House Title Company
  • In-House Real Estate attorney
  • Transaction Coordinator
  • Broker Support
  • Marketing Ideas & Support
  • Get Paid At Closing