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Property Management


In order to achieve success with your rental property, you need a vital component. Well, not necessarily a component, but a person or company who’s willing to handle the management tasks for you. Here at SIR Realty, we pride ourselves on management services that are designed to meet your individual needs. We’re conscientious in relation to all aspects of the services we provide for your rental.

We begin the process with a comprehensive evaluation of your property. We have regular property inspections. SIR Realty realizes that when your home is left vacant, you’re missing out on profit. Thus, we actively advertise and show your apartment or home in order to find you tenants as quick as possible. The tenant screening process is carefully done to find the best match for your rental property. We even take care of credit report screening. We manage repair services and maintenance contracting. We handle all of the legal issues associated with your property such as filling out the required contracts and forms.